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Established in 2000, we are Hewlett Packard Specialists specialising in HP Laserjet and HP Designjet large format printers.

We offer a full spectrum of services and provide a 1-stop-shop for all of your business or personal needs. Our service offerings include: printer and plotter sales, trade-in's against your old printer, engineering service and repairs, annual support contracts, maintenance contracts and supply of inks, printheads, paper and spare parts. We provide coverage throughout the United Kingdom and offer fast same day despatch.

We pride ourselves on offering good old fashioned service and support. How can we help?

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Why buy from us?

why buy from us

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- DesignJet T930
- DesignJet T1300
- DesignJet T1530
- DesignJet T2530
- DesignJet T7200
- DesignJet Z2100
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- DesignJet Z5200
- DesignJet Z5400
- DesignJet Z6200
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- DesignJet Z6800

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