Designjet Error Codes – helpful checklist

  1. If the error relates to a paper jam or carriage assembly jam, it is a good idea to check that nothing is in the paper path or obstructing the carriage assembly
  2. Some problems point to a possible ink or printhead issue and/or parts. We recommend in the first instance that you try changing your consumables, before incurring engineering costs.  This is particularly relevant if you are using remanufactured ink cartridges which often cause spurious error messages or print issues
  3. No power?  Check the fuse in the plug and that your cables have not become loose or disconnected.  See if you have any lights on at the back of your printer – if not it may in some cases indicate a more serious fault relating to the main electronics module
  4. Most other issues may require a Service Engineer, but before you contact one it is worth proceeding with the following process to try and eliminate problems.
    • Power the device OFF.
    • Switch OFF the power on the rear of the unit.
    • Disconnect the mains cable.
    • Check that the interface cable if fitted is properly connected
    • Leave the power cord disconnected for at least 5 minutes
    • Reconnect the power cord
    • Power up the unit and ensure that it comes to the Ready condition
    • Try repeating the last job that it completed
    • If you still have a problem, get the details of the unit i.e. model number, serial number, if under contract then ensure that you have the contract details, together with the error code that is being displayed. If possible try and be near the printer when you contact the engineering department to report your problem. You may be asked to confirm other details relating to the issue when you contact a Service Engineer. The engineer appreciates that you are not necessarily well informed with regard to the technical aspects of the printer, but may ask you to perform some actions that he will explain to you. The engineer is not trying to get you to do his job for him, but is trying to isolate the problem more exactly so that when he arrives to fix the printer he will be equipped with the correct parts. This will not only save him time but will ensure that the printer is back up and running in the shortest possible time.

    and finally…

  6. Did you purchase your printer within the past 12 months? check to see whether you’re still covered under your HP manufacturers warranty – or call us and we can check for you
  7. If ink or liquid has spilled on or into your printer – leave the printer switched OFF and don’t attempt to switch back on. It’s safer for you and will hopefully stop expensive components from being damaged
  8. The earlier in the day you book an adhoc engineering call, the faster we can attend!