Achieve more, in less time

MCAD (Mechanical Computer Aided Design) and AEC (Architectural, Engineering & Construction) workflow models are changing as printing is moving to a centralised in-plant model. The focus is on faster set-up times, increased processing speeds across all aspects of the workflow (from concept to creation), flawless connectivity to a variety of CAD software applications, competitive in real-time project delivery with improved communications internally/externally between customers, suppliers and the team – as well as excellent line quality, good colours (sometimes), with the ability to create drawings, renderings and images for maximum versatility on site. All of this is required, with an absolute eye on reduction of total cost and time to market.

HP Designjets offer built-in efficiencies that will allow you to achieve more in less time. With an uninterrupted workflow, project cycles are shortened and turn-around times tightened, ultimately leading to you having satisfied customers, repeat business and higher profitability

Receive the following benefits:

Following a joint initiative with Hewlett Packard, HP Plotter customers can enjoy a number of bespoke benefits, including:

> Free On-site auditof your current printing requirements, including all internal and external printing. Identification of immediate cash savings and efficiencies as well as benchmark performance against competitor products (provided with purchases of 10+ wide format Designjet printers)

> High Ink SavingsFor medium to large departments, ink usage and costs can be reduced significantly under a joint HP & HP Plotter initiative which offers ink savings plans (providing financial benefits with no purchasing obligations). This is available for specific Designjet T and Z series printers – full information can be found here

> Environmental and RecyclingFitness HP Plotter can supply recycled paper and media to meet all of your environmental objectives while also offering exceptional prices generally on all papers/media. HP Plotter also provide assisted recycling for all of your HP original printer cartridges for ultimate Recycling Fitness

> Flexible Contract Care and SupportFlexible Support Contract plans have been designed to assist with Fleets of Designjets, resulting in lower support contract overheads and regular planned servicing. We offer site relocation services of equipment, with continuation of cover at no extra charge, discounts for multiple machines and flexible servicing options

Which Designjet printers are most popular within the MCAD & Architects | Engineers | Construction sector?

MCAD and AEC is a diverse group, which comprises one-man-bands and small partnerships, SME’s and large corporates. Broadly speaking, from the technical Designjet range the T790ps T1300ps, T7200ps and T2530ps are the most popular choices by MCAD and AEC organisations. Students often rent the T790 to pull together their University work, whereas small one-man-bands and Home-Office users usually opt for the entry level Designjets i.e. the T120 due to its small footprint or the T520 due to its more robust design build over the T120 (both printers offer flexible Wi-Fi capability enabling the user to print from virtually anywhere and ability to switch between A4-A1 printing).

The T520 is the natural progression from the T120 (larger in size but ideal for small workgroups with a future eye on upgrading to printing via a network). Moving quickly through the most popular options, the T790/T790ps is selected for it’s faster speed, many opt for postscript – and of course, unlike the T520 it has built-in networking capabilities (which is ideal for small to medium work groups), the T1530 is assigned for busy workgroups who would benefit from using a dual roll feed with auto switching capability (offering time savings and work efficiency), the T7200 for large scale production printing/unattended printing and increased security with a hard drive that can be removed from site and the T2530 eMFP for it’s dual print and scan facility.

However as with all things, some MCAD/AEC requirements also call for colour matching and in-built spectrophotometers, printers with a capability to supply both drawings offering fine line quality and rendering capabilities as well as internal/external advertising, a preference for UV stabilised and Waterproof inks and fine photo quality output. This then sets the tone for a Graphic Arts printer where the Z3200 and Z5200 are the two most popular models (Z3200 for it’s increased capabilities over the Z2100 without significant difference in price – and the Z5200 for production printing).


Mechanical CAD (Computer Aided Design) and AEC (Architects Engineers and Construction) Sector includes Aerospace, Mechanical, Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical, Civil Engineering, Medical, Electronics, Manufacturing, Military, Geological, Mining, Piping, Drafting, GIS, Geospatial, Engineering, Architecture, Electrical, Property Management, Building Services, Design and Construction