Paper / Media by Type

Paper and Media each have their own strengths and quirks – but choosing the best for the job is often down to personal taste. Our store doesn’t show the full range of what we sell so if you have something in mind please contact us. The best advice we can give you is: in each case it comes down to what YOU like the best and what gives YOU the most pleasure!

Taking many years worth of experience, customer feedback and research, we can steer you into the qualities of most papers and give you an idea of what other people use and why.

Gloss Media

Gloss is shiny and makes your pictures vibrant, bold, bright, crisp, sharp, slick and contemporary.  It is prone to glare and fingerprints.

Use for: Portfolios, Street Photos, Landscapes, Instagram, Black &White prints

Satin Media

Where detail is king and you want excellent colour rendering with bright colours but without the glare of gloss.

Use for: Black & White (cool tone), Landscape/Nature Photography/Portraits (warm tone)

Matte Media

Great handling capabilities. Generally cool tone or bright white. Ideal when detail is king. No glare and high contrast.

Use for: Art, Portraits (large), Still life, Landscape, Nature, Portraits