ArtWrap™ QuickPro Canvas Stapler


Long throat stapler designed for use with the ArtWrap™ Canvas Frame System.

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Long throat stapler for easier canvas making – perfect for the ArtWrap™ QuickPro Canvas system!

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ArtWrap Canvas Sizes

8in x 8in (200mm x 200mm), 8in x 12in (200mm x 300mm), 12in x 12in (300mm x 300mm), 12in x 16in (300mm x 400mm), 16in x 20in (400mm x 500mm), 20in x 30in (500mm x 760mm, Black Backboard

ArtWrap Template 8×8 ArtWrap Template 8×12 ArtWrap Template 12×12 ArtWrap Template 12×16 ArtWrap Template 16×20 ArtWrap Template 20×30

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