ArtWrap™ QuickPro Canvas


ArtWrap™ is a revolutionary way to easily create unique wall art.

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ArtWrap™ is a revolutionary way to easily create unique wall art. Quick and easy to use, this system allows you to use either canvas or paper to create wall art that both you and your customer will love.

It’s very lightweight and easy to hang – and for a really professional finish, you can also opt to purchase a black backboard.

  • Premium gallery depth canvases
  • Ultra tough – simply cannot sag, even after time
  • Perfect corners every time
  • Quick and easy – it only takes 2 minutes per canvas
  • Print template download for each size to make it even easier
  • Useful video demo so you won’t go wrong
  • Only a stapler and scissors required

Tip!  If your printer uses Dye-based inks then your prints will fade over time, especially in direct sunlight, whereas Pigment-based inks are usually UV stabilised and water-resistant and will last up to 200 years.

Please note:  black backboard, canvas/paper, scissors and stapler are not included but can be purchased separately (this process requires a long neck stapler). Standard delivery for this item is 2-3 working days.

ArtWrap Canvas Sizes

8in x 8in (200mm x 200mm), 8in x 12in (200mm x 300mm), 12in x 12in (300mm x 300mm), 12in x 16in (300mm x 400mm), 16in x 20in (400mm x 500mm), 20in x 30in (500mm x 760mm, Black Backboard

ArtWrap Template 8×8 ArtWrap Template 8×12 ArtWrap Template 12×12 ArtWrap Template 12×16 ArtWrap Template 16×20 ArtWrap Template 20×30

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