BravoTabs® Banner Tabs (100pk)


BravoTabs® apply to your banner to enable you to hang it up quickly and easily

£48.53 excl. VAT

BravoTabs® is a strong and crystal-clear self-adhesive that you apply to the corner or edges of your ready-printed banner to strengthen the area before passing a rope through, and stop your banner from being damaged or torn.

Unlike other tabs in the market, there is no neck loop so it gives an overall improved visual appearance.

Fast and easy to install, use these tabs instead of eyelets.

Pack Size: 100

Tip: We also sell the power punch so you can make the hole in the banner and banner bungees and/or banner rope to hang your banner to provide a ready-made solution as well as banner tape to strengthen and re-enforce longer banners to improve banner rigidity.


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