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Foam to Foam Glue AD-34


Specialist glue designed for Foam Boards and ideal for architects and designers when constructing models.

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The perfect companion for foam boards when constructing models.

Finally someone has made a glue which won’t melt foam board, which will give architects and designers peace of mind when constructing models. This is like a super glue for foam board, with a very high tack and high strength.

The 50ml bottle of glue has an easy application nozzle for precision glueing and is instantly tacky but dries clear in 10 minutes.

Tip!  We recommend using dressmaking pins to hold joints in place until the glue fully dries.

ArtWrap Template 8×8 ArtWrap Template 8×12 ArtWrap Template 12×12 ArtWrap Template 12×16 ArtWrap Template 16×20 ArtWrap Template 20×30

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