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Mayku FormBox


The Mayku FormBox is an exciting production tool for designers, hobbyists, schools and businesses alike and enables you to manufacture prototypes in seconds.

£539.00 £575.00 excl. VAT

The Mayku FormBox is an exciting production tool for designers, hobbyists, schools and businesses alike and enables you to manufacture prototypes in seconds. Whether you’re creating chocolate, wax or soap moulds, making concrete plant pots, showcasing new house designs or designing a new invention, the ‘sky is the limit’.

Your FormBox is portable and desktop-friendly. Using a special adaptor, you affix any vacuum cleaner. Switch it on and immediately vacuum form the thermoplastic over your moulds (it can be almost anything!). FormBox is a versatile partner in your production line, with consistent results.

Materials and Uses

The FormBox is compatible with PET-G, HIPS, ABS, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyethylene and acrylic PMMA, but we recommend using the Mayku Form Sheets and Cast Sheets. For casting, you can use any material in liquid or powdered form, including concrete, plaster silicone, chocolate and jelly.

Perfect Partner for your 3D printer

You can 3D print intricate or unique moulds and then use the FormBox to replicate the shape and set up your own production process. Once the form is made over your original shape/mould, you can then fill the form with your chosen casting material. This allows you to develop new product iterations and hone your ideas for a low cost and maximum usability.

What’s in the Box?

  • FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former
  • 20 x Cast Sheets
  • Vacuum Connector Tube
  • Safety Info
  • 1Kg of Mayku Pour – Casting Material
  • 20 x Form Sheets
  • Starter Book
  • 3 x Starter Projects


Weight 452 kg
Dimensions 719 x 650 x 1060 mm

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