Placement delivery


Machine Placement Delivery – Prices start from as little as £149.00 – call us for more details.

£149.00 excl. VAT

If you need your printer delivered and sited within your office you need a placement delivery.
A minimum of a two-man team will deliver the machine to your office, putting it in its final location, unbox the machine, build the stand and fit the machine to the stand then clear away the pallet and packaging materials the machine comes on.
If your printer needs to be anywhere other than the ground floor, a placement delivery will ensure that it’s either taken in the goods lift or carried to its final location.

Key points

  • Located within your offices to a specific site
  • Can be sited on any floor within your building
  • Unpacked and all packaging removed from site
  • Stand built and machine set on stand
  • Delivery time can be specified as early or late morning or afternoon
  • Fully insured, experienced delivery teams

Prices vary depending upon the machine, the location within your office and the location of your office but start from just £149.00.
Please download the Site Survey and Placement Delivery Form from the Specification tab, complete the form and email it to us. We’ll get a quote straight back to you.

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