HP Latex Printers – a quick guide!

You should always choose a HP Latex Printer over and above a HP DesignJet printer IF your prints are going to be displayed outdoors for any period of time.This is due to the fact that both the ink and media will last up to 5 years when laminated or 3 years unlaminated.

In contrast, HP DesignJet printers and other large format printers use either standard pigment ink or dye ink, which are meant for very short term outdoor use with lamination.

Outdoor printing with HP Latex

Textile printing on HP Latex Printer
If you want to do some ‘cool stuff’ with your printing – such as print wallpaper or decals, vehicle wraps or textile printing then this is another reason to opt for a HP Latex Printer.This printer doesn’t just print on paper or canvas, it can do a lot more. While you can just purchase the printer standalone, we also suggest you consider purchasing the “Print and Cut Solution” which includes the Printer and a separate Cutter.

The cutter will cut around shapes making it ideal for labels or T shirts etc… This enables you to create a wider array of products with your printer.

How does a Latex Printer compare with an Eco-Solvent Printer?

Professional printing companies will usually prefer to use Latex Printers versus the older eco-solvent printers for outdoor work.

This is because Latex Printers offer a sustainable approach that’s better for both the operators and the environment (HP Video – comparison of Latex Printers versus Eco-solvent printer).

Notably the Latex Printers also meet all of the health and safety regulations for supplying locations like hospitals and care homes, allowing print service providers to appeal to a wider target market.

Latex printers used in hospitals

What can Latex Printers do that other large format printers such as HP DesignJets can’t do?

Car wrap / vehicle wrap using HP Latex printer
HP Latex printers simply offer a higher degree of versatility with a wider array of substrates and you can laminate your prints immediately without waiting for your prints to dry.

In short, a Latex printer offers limitless printing applications including: Vehicle wrapping/vehicle graphics, billboards, banners, displays, exhibition graphics, floor graphics, wall decals, window graphics, stickers, labels, customizable clothing and textiles, posters, back lit graphics for light boxes, canvas prints, maps, point of sale and point of purchase posters…and much more.

These printers do everything the HP DesignJet printers can do…and then much more besides.