The benefits of the HP Latex Mobile App

When HP first created the HP Latex Mobile App for their Latex Printers it was done so in such a way as to bring a work/life balance to many users.

Many print service providers initially start out as sole traders (until their business takes off and they can afford to employ more staff) and so it was important to HP to offer the Mobile App from the ground up with HP Latex printers.

As I write this article today, I look out and see snow everywhere – local schools have closed and this morning I had to reverse a few miles down a country road because a snow drift had blocked the road (a local taxi had got stuck in the middle of it!), which made me 5 minutes late for work. I have a few members of staff unable to come in to the office as they are unable to find alternative childcare at short notice. Sometimes days at the office go smoothly and sometimes not!

At times like this it reminds me how useful such apps can be. We can’t always be in control of either ourselves or our employees getting into the office, but we can keep track of how our equipment is performing and it allows us to make alternative arrangements or instigate a Plan B.

As a sole trader this is even more important when you haven’t got anyone else in the office to rely upon – so you can make a judgement call as to when it’s necessary to go onsite or when you can relax (e.g. you CAN go to your childs birthday party without worrying something will go wrong with your print job!).

The App will advise you when there are issues with your printer (including those times when you run out of ink or paper). It therefore gives you an opportunity of correcting any issues so that you don’t miss your print deadline.

All in all a really useful tool!

HP Latex Mobile App
You can set-up a print job and then go out of the office – but you’ll still be able to monitor your print jobs remotely.

HP Latex Mobile App
Your app will notify you when are low on ink. You can email to request more ink at the lowest price and have it delivered first thing tomorrow.

HP Latex Mobile App
The app will allow you to monitor your printing and will automatically send any red-flags to your mobile phone for you to review.

HP Latex Mobile App
If your printer does run into problems such as the paper running out mid-print, you can plan what action needs to be taken to complete the job on time even if that means you or a team member going in early to get things finished.

HP Latex Mobile App
The mobile app ensures you can hit all of your print deadlines and keep your customer happy even when you aren’t sitting in front of your printer. Perfect! Technology at its best.