HP Spare Parts Warranty

Most HP spare parts offer a 90 day parts-only replacement warranty or where there is a current HP manufacturer’s warranty in place then the part will be covered under the remaining warranty period, whichever is greater.  In some instances HP will offer a 1 year warranty on a part and in such cases this is listed against the product information.

Where the spare part is used to repair “out of warranty” printers, the 90 day parts-only warranty applies from the date of sale of the spare part to the Customer. It is a requirement that a Proof of Purchase will need to be provided when claiming a spare part warranty. Validation of the spare part warranty will be made against this Proof of Purchase.

This warranty provides for a parts-only warranty and as such excludes any costs associated with having the failed part removed and the new part installed.  Only those Customers with a current HP manufacturer’s warranty or valid HP Plotter Support Contract in place will receive free on-site repair.