5 Year Extended Warranty (extra 3 years cover) + upgraded to Next Bus. Day Response



HP DesignJet Studio Wood/Steel (36-inch) – 5 Year Extended Warranty (available for new printers only)

Warranty to be taken out within 1 month of purchasing your DesignJet printer and includes your base warranty plus 3 extra years, giving you a total of 5 years manufacturer’s warranty. HP also elevate the SLA to provide you with a Next Business Day on-site response rather than the ‘best effort response’ supplied with the base warranty. This Extended Warranty covers you for breakdowns and includes callouts, engineering labour and spare parts. The small print includes key points including (but not limited to) the following: you must operate the printer within the manufacturer’s operating instructions which includes protecting the printer from power surges and to use it in non-hostile environments (e.g. not too hot, too cold and within a clean environment). The cover is a break-fix cover so if your printer sto PostScript working or isn’t working correctly then it will be repaired but it doesn’t cover accidental damage (e.g. dropping the printer down the stairs) or misuse (e.g. breaking the spindle end cap because the paper is dropped onto the spindle rather than placed) or where you’ve used non-HP inks which can often cause issues such as ink leaking inside the printer. The warranty also does not include annual service visits in order to maintain the printer to avoid costly downtime. Please be aware that your inks, paper and printheads are all classed as consumable items and will not be replaced during the warranty with the exception that if the printhead fails during the first year, depending upon how much ink is put through the machine, then HP at their discretion may replace it. We always recommend that you fit an Anti-Surge device to your printer and use HP original inks.


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