Gloss Enhancer Kit (includes 300ml cartridge)



Original HP Gloss Enhancer Kit including Large Capacity 300ml cartridge

The HP 747 pigment-based Gloss Enhancer Kit 2QX55A includes a 300ml Cartridge. The gloss enhancer allows you to produce images with superior gloss uniformity from highlights to shadows – it will also minimise bronzing on most photo papers (except matte-finish papers). Bronzing is where, when paper is viewed from an angle, part of the image seems to disappear or take on a uniform tone, usually bronze. You’ll usually see a flash of bronze colour reflecting off the pigment inks, particularly in dark and black areas. The Gloss Enhancer Upgrade Kit has been designed for use with the HP DesignJet Z9ps range of printers only and does not fit the Z6ps range.


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